Evolution Series Benches

Modular Design

Ease of Maintenance

Design and Comfort


Modular Design

 with Customization in Mind

 •  Modular design allows for traditional, sectional or extension kits

 •  Infinite custom lengths

 •  Custom raised lettering with optional sanded face and clear coat available for personalizing

 •  Multiple seating options including HDPE without any reinforcement required

 •  Custom seat engraving highlighted with black latex paint - Custom colors also available

 •  Proven electronic PDF forms supplied for your fund-raiser engraving

 •  Adjustable feet with stainless steel threads and locking stainless steel thread insert

 •  Hard surface or soft surface feet

 •  Stainless steel foot anchor kits

 •  Configurable hidden or flanged board supports with a single stainless steel locking set screw

 •  Flanged board supports allow armrests in any location (e.g. theater seating)

 •  Rear legs are set back for bolting benches back to back and protecting walls

Watton Bench Works : Park Bench made in the USA

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Ease of Maintenance

 •  No mounting bolts through seat boards to improve maintenance

 •  Maintenance with removal of 3 bolts

 •  Tool kit consists of 3 - Allen wrenches & 1 - 3/4" wrench

 •  Seating material not part of the bench's structural integrity (Quick and easy board removal)

For board replacements or board engraving all that is needed is 3 easy steps!

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Design and Comfort

 •  Fully supported floating boards for comfortable seating

 •  Researched and perfected seat height, shape and incline for maximum comfort

 •  Classic appearance

 •  Many standard and custom colors available

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 •  Powder coated finish

 •  Color matched spray paint & touch up paint available

 •  Aluminum alloy castings for minimal corrosion, high strength and light weight

 •  Vented steel tubing and additional vented areas minimize rust causing condensation

 •  Full stainless steel security hardware with stainless steel thread inserts

 •  No bolts or bolt holes in seating boards virtually eliminates wood rot or rust

 •  Ease of board maintenance contributes to board longevity

Park Bench, Watton Bench Works
Watton Bench Works Park Bench Base
Watton Bench Works, Park Bench, Recycled Plastic, HDPE
Watton Bench Works, Park Bench

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